YULA Girls High School

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Mechanechet Program

YULA’s Mechanchot (grade-level advisors) are the bridge between students’ school life and personal life. Mechanchot build a relationship with each student from the very first day of school. They mentor, guide and support our girls emotionally, socially and spiritually. They care about all aspects of each student’s well-being. Students have the opportunity to meet with their mechanechet privately through office hours and meet-ups. Activities include grade-wide Shabbatonim, Chagigas and other exciting events throughout the year.

9th Grade: Mrs. Miriam Piliavin and Mrs. Elimor Ryzman

10th Grade: Mrs. Natalie Williams, Ms. Ilana Gadish and Mrs. Bracha Rich

11th Grade: Mrs. Sabrina Rosenberg, Mrs. Melisa Beck and Mrs. Bruria Siegel

12th Grade: Mrs. Shira Hershoff, Mrs. Rachel Margolies and Mrs. Racheli Luftglass