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Message from the Head of School

Welcome to YULA Girls High School!

A few years ago I came across this fascinating idea that many of Judaism's holy places are referred to in Hebrew as the "House of..."

  • Beit Sefer - School - House of Books
  • Beit Knesset - Shul - House of Gathering
  • Beit Midrash - Study Hall - House of Study
  • Beit HaMikdash - Holy Temple - House of Holiness

There is a powerful message here that teaches us that there is to be no separation of family life and religion, of the home and the shul or temple or place of learning. We don't live one way in our homes and another in synagogue or in places of worship.

Our bayit has to become a place of study and a place of holiness, of prayer. Our homes have to be places filled with God and with spiritually.

I would like to suggest that the inverse is true as well. There is another powerful message here teaching us about how we are to act and behave in our holy places - our shuls, our schools.

Our holy spaces, our places of study and of learning have to feel like home, like family. Our schools, our synagogues, our places of study and worship can't be sterile and cold, they must be filled with a sense of love, warmth, comfort, compassion. They must be filled with the values of the home. With the values of mishpacha, of a bayit...

In the recent pew study the overwhelming single greatest value, concept or idea that most Jews felt represented and reflected Judaism most accurately was the idea of mishpacha, of family. We are not simply a people, a religion, a race or even a community - we are a family. We are all brothers and sisters, part of an extended Jewish family that spans generations and breaks all denominational barriers and geographic separations and distances.

At YULA Girls - we all treat each other and our students as our mishpacha, as our own siblings, children, sons and daughters.

At YULA Girls - we are all committed to ensuring that we spend as much time building caring and connected relationships with each other and our students as we do in preparing a math or science or Hebrew unit of study.

At YULA Girls - we are as concerned with the well being and the neshama/soul of our colleagues and students as we are with their grades, test scores and sat averages.

At YULA Girls- we live and act as family. Yes, we are a school, a place of study with a focus on academics and education. But first and foremost, and above all else we are a family.

We are here for each other - we care for each other, we help one another, we celebrate together, we cry together. We are mishpacha.
Welcome to our Beit Sefer – our House of Books, our School –
Welcome to YULA Girls High School.