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School Snapshot

School Snapshot

Founded 1979

School Name: Yeshiva University of Los Angeles (YULA) Girls High School

Address: 1619 S. Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Contact Information: www.yulagirls.org (P) 310.203.0755 (F) 310.551.0312

CEEB: 051843


Academic Personnel:


School Information: Founded in 1979, YULA is an independent Orthodox Yeshiva college preparatory high school for girls grades 9 - 12.  YULA offers an integrated Judaic and General studies curriculum that includes topics on contemporary culture with an emphasis on strengthening Torah values.  YULA was established to prepare young Jewish women for entry into the highest quality colleges and religious seminaries.  Families and faculty of YULA Girls High School come from all over the United States and across the world and represent a wide range of diversity within the Orthodox Jewish community.  Our campus is located in the heart of the vibrant Pico-Robertson district of West Los Angeles.   


Our Mission Our Passion: YULA is dedicated to cultivating unwavering commitment to Jewish Law, Torah Values, outstanding academic achievement, and exemplary moral conduct.  


Accreditation and Affiliations:

  • Builders of Jewish Education
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles
  • Jim Joseph Foundation
  • National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)
  • Western Association of Schools and Colleges


Student Body: YULA Girls High School admits qualified students across a range of diversity within the Orthodox Jewish community.  Approximately 60% of our student body receives some form of financial aid.  YULA Girls enrolls approximately 180 students and there are currently 35 students in the senior class of 2018. Most students come from residential areas in the Westside of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.  With our goal of imbuing our students with love of Am Yisreal, Eretz Yisrael, and Torat Yisrael, most graduates (about 70%) spend a gap year studying at a seminary in Israel before beginning college.   YULA families are Shomer Shabbat (Sabbath observant) and do not write, drive, or use electronics for the 25-hour period of the weekly Jewish Sabbath.  


The Faculty: There are 37 teaching faculty; 3 are Rabbis. 100% of our faculty either hold a B.A. or B.S. Degree and/or a teaching credential; 73% hold advanced degrees.   


The Curriculum:  Students at YULA Girls High School participate in a rigorous dual curriculum incorporating college preparatory courses and essential yearlong courses focusing on Jewish law, ethics, literature, and philosophy.  Our Judaic curriculum is considered academic in nature and is incorporated when calculating the academic GPA.  All students are required to take at least 9 academic courses each semester and attend prayer services twice daily.  The school day begins at 7:45 a.m. and concludes at 4:25 p.m.  Most students participate in demanding co-curricular activities, which further expands the length of their day.  


Signature Programs:

  • Schlesinger STEAM Academy at YULA
    YULA Girls high school provides diverse opportunities for students to engage with science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) both inside and outside of the classroom. All students are required to take 2 years of engineering and electronics, and our STEAM Director works directly with faculty of every department to add elements of STEAM into their lesson plans. We offer students courses and after school clubs around coding, robotics, fabrication, 3-D printing, game design, scientific research, biomedical engineering, photography/videography, manufacturing, and design engineering. In addition, our STEAM facility is a modern, immersive and collaborative learning space equipped with cutting-edge electronics, fabrication, media and computing equipment.  Together with our biology and chemistry labs, the STEAM lab is a cross-disciplinary place for exploration, innovation and creativity. We train our students to think deeply and scientifically about everything – the path to becoming the next innovators, educators, and leaders.
  • YULA Art Academy
    Fine Art at YULA Girls is an exploration of the creative process while working in a multitude of art mediums. During the 9th and 10th grade years, each student is exposed to and participates in a broad range of genres while experiencing a thorough approach to technical and conceptual art making. Students who show extreme interest, discipline, and artistic growth during these years are invited to apply for the YULA Art Academy in order to continue their artistic pursuits in YULA's Honors Art courses (with AP Studio Art being the main goal by 12th grade).

  • YULA Girls’ School Beit Midrash
    The Beit Midrash program is open to all students in the school, subject to an intake interview at which the student demonstrates her facility with basic Jewish texts and her ability to strategize as a “problem-solver” in deciphering textual challenges and nuances. The program comprises two daily periods, one of which focuses on studying Biblical literature and the other on Talmud. A majority of each period is utilized in traditional dyad-study style, with pairs of students working together to read, parse, translate and explain the given text. The remainder of each session is spent in as a class, solving the daily study challenge together. The goal of the program is to ignite a passion for study, a sense of text and skill mastery and to create “life-long learners” of Torah.


Graduation Requirements: A total of 42.75 credits are required to graduate from YULA Girls High School.  All courses required for graduation must be passed with a grade of “D” or better.  Students who receive an “F” in any required subject must repeat the subject or make up the equivalent units in an approved course.  


1 credit = 1 full year

0.5 credit = 1 semester


General Studies Course Graduation Requirements (23.75 total credits required)

  • English: 4 credits  
  • Mathematics: 3 credits
  • World Languages: 3 credits
  • Science: 3 credits
  • History: 4 credits
  • Physical Education: 1 credits
  • Fine Arts: 2 credits
  • Technology: 0.25 credits
  • Health: 0.5 credits
  • Electives: 3 credits


Torah Studies Course Graduation Requirements (19 total credits required)

  • Biblical Literature: 4 credits
  • Prophets: 4 credits
  • Jewish Law: 4 credits
  • Jewish History: 3 credits
  • Prayers: 4 credits


Grading Policy and Scale: Courses in both General Studies and Torah Studies are graded with the same rigorous assessment.  The grading scale goes from A to F with a standard plus (+) and minus (-) designations.  Student’s GPAs are calculated with a combination of General Studies and Torah Studies weighted on a 4.0 scale.  We expect students to be competitive with themselves, not with each other, and therefore we do not rank students. Advanced Placement, Honors, and Beit Midrash courses are weighted with an extra 1 point bump.  Advanced Hebrew (AH) also receives a 0.5 point bump.  Grading scale: A=4, A-=3.7, B+=3.3, B=3.0, B-=2.7, C+=2.3, C=2.0, C-=1.7, D+=1.3, D=1.0, D-=0.7, F=0.  


YULA Girls High School partners with One Schoolhouse (OS).  OS courses may be taken in a student’s junior and/or senior years.  OS courses are shown on the YULA transcript with an asterisk (*), but the grade is not calculated into YULA’s GPA.  


Disciplinary Reporting Policy:  YULA Girls High School reports academic and behavioral misconduct that resulted in disciplinary action to colleges.  In addition, after an application and Secondary School Report are submitted, YULA Girls may provide additional information to a college should the student’s status at school change in any way.  This information may include, but is not limited to: a change in grades, a change in course load, and incident in academic integrity, and disciplinary actions.  


Advanced Course Offerings:  

  • In the 2017 - 2018 year, YULA Girls High School will offer 10 Advanced Placement (AP), 22 Honors (H), and 5 advanced-level Beit Midrash (BM) courses.  On average, YULA Girl students graduate having taken 2 AP courses.  Students enroll in AP courses upon recommendation from faculty and approval of the Department Chair.  We do not require students to sit for AP exams.  
  • Advanced Placement Courses Offered:  
    • AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP European History, AP Government, AP Language & Composition, AP Literature & Composition, AP Studio Art, AP US History
    • Important Note: Due to the rigor of our dual curriculum, seniors may only take a maximum of 4 AP courses. Exceptions are only granted upon approval from Department Chairs, Director of College Guidance, and the Head of School.  
  • Honors Courses Offered:
    • General Studies: Honors Advanced Fine Arts, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Honors English 10, Honors Geometry, Honors Precalculus,
    • Judaic Studies: Hebrew 12 Advanced, Honors Bible Study 9 - 12, Honors Hebrew 9 - 12, Honors Jewish History 10 - 12, Honors Jewish Law 9, 10 & 12, Honors Talmud 9
  • Beit Midrash Courses Offered:
    • BM Biblical Literature  9/10, BM Biblical Literature 11/12, BM Prophets 11, BM Talmud 9/10, BM Talmud 11/12


Testing: Class of 2017

  • ACT Mean Scores
    • English: 29.7 (YULA); 22.5 (CA)
    • Math: 26 (YULA); 22.7 (CA)
    • Reading: 28 (YULA); 23.1 (CA)
    • Science: 25.3 (YULA); 22.2 (CA)
    • Composite: 27.4 (YULA); 22.8 (CA)

College Acceptances: Classes of 2014 - 2017

  • YULA Girls High School graduates have earned admission to a wide range of colleges and universities across the country.  Approximately 90% of our graduates attend a four-year institutions of higher education.  10% of our graduates attend community college with the intent to transfer to a college/university.  The following is a list of institutions to which our students have matriculated over the past four years:
    • American University of Paris
    • Bar-Ilan University
    • Barnard College
    • Boston University
    • Brandeis University
    • Brooklyn College
    • California State University Northridge
    • Columbia University
    • Cornell University
    • Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
    • IDC Herzliya
    • John Jay College of Criminal Justice
    • Mount Saint Mary’s University
    • New York University
    • Princeton University
    • Rutgers University, New Brunswick
    • Santa Monica College
    • Stern College for Women
    • Touro College
    • University of California Berkeley
    • University of California Los Angeles
    • University of California Riverside
    • University of California San Diego
    • University of California Santa Barbara
    • University of California Santa Cruz
    • University of Chicago
    • University of Michigan
    • University of Maryland, College Park
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Washington University of St. Louis