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General Studies

About the Program

The General Studies department of YULA is committed to providing students with a challenging and integrated college preparatory curriculum in liberal arts, humanities, science, and mathematics. Each academic department offers courses that motivate our students to think creatively and critically in order to maximize student intellectual and social growth. Each course focuses on building and strengthening essential skills necessary for success on a college campus.  Our students engage with a truly outstanding General Studies curriculum, leading them to admittance at some of the most selective universities in California and nationally.


  • English
  • Science
  • History
  • Foreign Language
  • Math
  • Physical Education
  • Fine Arts
  • Athletics
  • CIJE Engineering

“It’s so satisfying to know that I am part of a school dedicated to spreading interest in innovative science to students of all levels, and I feel blessed to be able to take part in these pioneering programs in the supportive challenging environment that YULA provides.” — Rivkah Abrams, YULA ‘18