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Signature Programs

Schlesinger STEM Academy at YULA

At YULA the Science Department Mission is to prepare our students for life beyond high school by teaching critical thinking, effective communication, teamwork, accountability and confidence through the lens of relevant and rigorous science education. The Schlesinger STEM Academy emphasizes this mission by creating diverse opportunities for our students both in and outside of the classroom. Our lab-based science courses ensure all students receive a world-class education, and our Engineering courses have students manufacturing robots, building inventions, and printing in all three dimensions! We also host a STEM Seminar in which students learn research and technical writing skills, receive presentations from STEM field experts in person, and receive assistance with internship placement. Other opportunities include Robotics, STEM clubs, and MAGIC, a mentoring program for young women interested STEM fields.


Witnesses of Witnesses
Witnesses of Witnesses is a brand new, two-year, Holocaust Studies initiative designed by our own Mrs. Brigitte Wintner, Mr. Nick Parsons, and Rabbi Yaakov Cohen. These three YULA staff members have spent the last year developing and implementing this unique course bringing Survivors and teenagers together. Students research and learn the history surrounding World War II and the Holocaust. First year students visit historical locations in Poland and produce a documentary with Holocaust Survivors. Second year students focus on the Nazi’s rise to power, visit Germany and produce several shorter videos throughout the year.


Fine Arts
Fine Art at YULA is an exploration of the creative process while working in a multitude of art mediums. Starting in the freshman year, all girls are enrolled into the beginning fine arts course, exposing them early to the visual arts. Students in grades 10 - 12 have the opportunity to take an elective art course thereafter. Each student is exposed and participates in a broad range of genres while experiencing a disciplined approach to technical and conceptual art making. YULA students have the opportunity to create perceptual drawing, painting, bookmaking, collage, sculpture, digital photography/photo editing, ceramics, printmaking, and mixed-media pieces while also learning art history. We address historical, multicultural, and contemporary art works through lectures, field trips, assignments and Powerpoint presentations. As a department, we want to challenge artistic viewpoints and preconceived ideas and beliefs about art.

Students who show extreme interest and artistic growth as well as discipline during their freshman year are invited to continue their artistic pursuits in YULA's 10th grade Art Honors course. This course is a prerequisite for the AP Studio Art course offered in 12th grade. These students may continue preparing for AP Studio Art in the 11th grade Art Honors course as well. In the junior year, girls also have the opportunity to enroll in the ceramics and sculpture electives course. In the 12th grade the girls' campus offers advanced art and AP Studio Art. Those enrolled in the AP Studio Art class must complete a portfolio of about 24 pieces of technically and conceptually strong pieces of work.


One Schoolhouse
One Schoolhouse is a direct result of expertise in how girls learn. In 2009, four girls’ schools joined to found One Schoolhouse (at the time, it was known as The Online School for Girls); today, over 100 schools have joined the consortium. Our membership with One Schoolhouse offers our girls a wide array of course offerings and prepares them for online academia that they will likely encounter in their college careers and beyond. YULA girls have studied AP Psychology, AP Computer Science, AP Macroeconomics, AP Statistics and Intro to Engineering among others.
Beit Midrash
The Beit Midrash program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn Torah with their peers and teachers B’Chevruta and to study with Judaic Studies teachers outside of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to set up meetings with their teachers to learn relevant Jewish topics. Some of the things we do in our Beit Midrash program are: Parsha Lunch n' Learns, Torah Studies Peer-Tutoring program, Rising Star Award, weekly POW (parsha of the week) speeches that students deliver to the school every Friday, special Rosh Chodesh shiurim, and Rabbi Lieberman's early morning Beit Midrash Chabura.