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Message from the Head of School

Welcome to YULA Girls High School


‘I learned much from my teachers, much more from my friends, but most of my learning came from my students,’ so goes a famous statement of Chazal. It is a fitting description for YULA Girls High School. Together, teachers, friends and students create a unique ongoing spirit of growth. What a privilege it is to be involved with passionate teachers, imparting both Torah wisdom and General Studies knowledge. Friendships constantly develop across the grades and classes in our warm and caring environment, while students teach each other about life, discuss issues and form bonds. Our students are inspirational, each one from a different starting point, but all heading toward a common goal. From the academic student to the sports-oriented student, from the creative to the scientific, spiritual to intellectual, all are on a path of growth. Yet to me personally, the one point that is so apparent about the YULA girl is her involvement in Chessed and community responsibility. From positions of leadership and responsibility, to being in the trenches for all kinds of volunteer work, it is our young ladies who teach all of us about commitment and caring. How fortunate I am to be in the midst of this amazing journey.

All the best,

Rabbi Abraham Lieberman
Head of School