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YULA Girls' High School is located in the heart of the vibrant Pico-Robertson district of West Los Angeles. Just south of Beverly Hills,the Girls' campus has an immediate local community that offers over 25 Orthodox Ashkenazic and Sephardic synagogues providing full Shabbat services, all within walking distance. There are also more than 30 kosher restaurants, bakeries and markets. The pleasant southern California climate affords year-round outdoor activity and compliments our indoor-outdoor campus perfectly.

YULA Girls' school features 15 classrooms complete with two science labs. All classrooms are outfitted with ceiling mounted projectors, while select classroom feature state-of-the-art Smart Boards and eBeam virtual whiteboards. The students also have places to relax and play. YULA has a beautiful outdoor courtyard as well as a full-size auditorium for assemblies and productions.

The campus also features Student-Resource center, a quiet study-spaced staffed by faculty and learning specialists to assist students and their needs. The school also features a gymnasium.


Built in 2004, the YULA High School Kestenbaum Library now maintains a collection of 6,000+ volumes. In addition to sefarim, fiction, and other print books, our students have access to to ProQuest, and online database of scholarly, academic and news journals. Faculty also has special access to the e-Feinberg Collection from SPERTUS which includes Bar-Ilan Responsa, Index to Jewish Perodicals, and the Encyclopedia Judaica. With almost the entire collection catalogued, students and faculty can search the computer catalog on their personal computers from anywhere on campus.

The Kestenbaum Library is a proud member of the national Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL) and the local Southern California chapter. In 2008, the Kestenbaum Library received Accreditation from the AJL and is currently working towards achieving Advanced Accreditation.


By the fall of 2011, the library will implement an online catalog, providing access to the Boys School and all students and faculty no matter their location. The online catalog allows the Kestenbaum Library to serve students and faculty at both campuses. Our automated circulation system makes checking out books simple and efficient.


The Kestenbaum Library is open at all times during school hours and the Librarian is available Monday through Thursday to assist students and faculty with print and online research. Appointments may be made with the Librarian for other times if needed.