YULA Girls High School

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About YULA

YULA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL (founded in 1979) is an Orthodox student-centered, college preparatory high school, where students are encouraged to find their unique and individual strengths. YULA provides guidance and an environment to cultivate those interests. Each student is encouraged to become her own leader and utilize her own voice while giving back to the community at large.

Students, teachers and parents work in partnership to nurture Torah observance and growth, love of learning, personal and communal responsibility, and an appreciation for the land and people of Israel.

YULA offers an integrated Judaic and Secular Studies curriculum that includes topics on contemporary culture with emphasis on strengthening Torah values.

YULA’s Four Foundational Principles:


Fostering respect, friendship and togetherness.


Intellectual Pursuit
Nurturing curiosity, critical thinking and expression.


Prioritizing communal responsibility.

Ahavat Haaretz

Inspiring students to connect and take action in support of Israel.

Our Mission Our Passion

YULA is an Orthodox Jewish school dedicated to cultivating unwavering commitment to Halacha, Torah Hashkafa, outstanding academic achievement, and exemplary moral conduct.

YULA will endeavor to fulfill this mission by:

-Inculcating within each student the responsibility of each Jew toward G-d, Torah and all people
-Inspiring its students to be spiritually bonded with the Land and State of Israel
-Combining Judaic studies with the ideals of the American democratic heritage of freedom, justice and human dignity
-Instilling self-respect and respect for others as a fundamental standard
-Fostering intellectual curiosity
-Promoting excellent habits of mind including self-discipline, independence, and leadership to prepare each student for a rapidly changing world
-Encouraging students to participate in service at the school and within the larger community
Benefits of Attending an All-Girls School

YULA Girls High School is a place where girls are center-stage, where they have a wealth of avenues for self-exploration and development, where girls are given the tools to discover and meet their individual potentials.

A report prepared for the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools reveals that girls attending all-girls schools are more likely to have an experience that supports their learning than girls who attend coeducational schools. In particular, girls attending all girls schools state:

- Seeing increased potential and power in being a girl
- Greater ability to focus on their work
- Having higher aspirations and greater motivation
- Being challenged to achieve more
- Being more likely to engage actively in the learning process and speaking up in class
- More group studying
- Higher levels of support from classmates, teachers and staff
- Greater peer mentoring
- Greater confidence
- Increased interest in STEM


“YULA is home. I have grown into myself here over the last
four years and feeling comfortable has allowed me to be fully invested in myself and my environment.” — Alumna Adi Vildorf, YULA ‘16

Yeshiva of Los Angeles Girls High School is an Orthodox high school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).